Stand or stay out of sight: NFL takes on anthem protesters

NFL Meetings Football-1

NFL owners approved a new policy Thursday aimed at addressing the firestorm over national anthem...


The Cybersecurity 202: Why a privacy law like European Union's would be a tough sell in

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. Friday, the European Union cemented its status as the global leader in data privacy. The EU’s sweeping new data privacy law is taking effect, ushering in new restrictions on what companies can do with people’s personal data and setting tough penalties for those that...


2 members of secretive sect plead guilty to fraud charges

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — Two members of a secretive church in North Carolina pleaded guilty Friday to wire fraud related to an unemployment benefits scheme that former congregants say was part of a plan to keep money flowing into the church. As part of an investigation into abuse at the Word of Faith...


Civilians kill gunman after 3 shot at Oklahoma restaurant

APTOPIX Restaurant Shooting-Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A gunman opened fire inside an Oklahoma City restaurant during the dinner rush, wounding a woman and two girls before two armed citizens shot him dead outside, police said Friday. The suspected gunman, 28-year-old Alexander Tilghman, was armed with a pistol when he entered...


Farmer pleads not guilty to animal cruelty in pig deaths

SWANVILLE, Maine (AP) — A Maine farmer who police say killed and buried a dozen malnourished pigs before agents inspected them has pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges. The Bangor Daily News reports Jerry Ireland’s attorney entered the plea on his client’s behalf this week. Ireland faces 13...


Trump says the first lady, who hasn't been seen in public in 2 weeks, is 'doing great'

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. WASHINGTON - First lady Melania Trump, who spent five nights in the hospital following a kidney procedure, has been out of public view for 15 days running - an unusually long absence even for a first lady who relishes life outside the spotlight. The first lady was...


Inside a semi-truck in Nebraska, troopers found enough fentanyl to kill 26 million people

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. In a record-breaking drug bust in Nebraska, state troopers have seized 118 pounds of fentanyl - containing enough lethal doses to kill tens of millions of people. Nebraska State Patrol Col. John Bolduc announced Thursday that opioids seized last month have tested...


After period of reckoning, Ted Cruz recasts himself: From opposition force to Trump ally

;2018, The Washington Post. SAN ANTONIO - Before Sen. Ted Cruz launched his 2018 re-election bid, he had to face some difficult conversations about his last campaign. Major donors and activists alike were aggrieved that the Republican from Texas had declined to endorse Donald Trump after their...


Former NAACP leader exposed as white faces fraud charges

Rachel Dolezal Welfare Fraud

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A former NAACP leader in Washington state whose life unraveled after she was exposed as a white woman pretending to be black has been charged with welfare fraud. Nkechi Diallo, known as Rachel Dolezal before she legally changed her name in 2016, was charged this week with...


Weinstein faces sex charges in prosecution amid #MeToo

Sexual Misconduct-Weinstein

NEW YORK (AP) — Flinching when he heard himself described as a man who used power to prey on women, Harvey Weinstein was charged Friday with rape and another sex felony in the first prosecution to result from the wave of allegations against him that sparked a national reckoning over sexual...


For CEOs, $11.7 million a year is just middle of the pack


NEW YORK (AP) — Chief executives at the biggest public companies got an 8.5 percent raise last year, bringing the median pay package for CEOs to $11.7 million. Across the S&P 500, compensation for CEOs is often hundreds of times higher than typical workers. The pay increase matches the bump that...

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